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Von Leopold’s “Wife Spanking 3″

If you like sex stories about husbands who spank their wives, and who doesn’t, then it’s time you head over to Amazon and grab a copy of the third installment of noted erotic author Von Leopold’s “Wife Spanking – Spanked Wives Stories” out now!

The master of the bare bottom spanking is back with more tales of naughty and sometimes not so naughty wives who get spanked, punished and disciplined by their strict husbands. Sometimes it’s deserved, sometimes not, but always HOT and full of kinky domestic discipline fun!

Bottoms up!


Von Leopold’s Wife Spanking 2

Fans of strict marital discipline and spanked wives will enjoy the second installment of erotic short stories from noted author Von Leopold entitled simply “Wife Spanking 2″ available now from Amazon in multi-platform editions.

“They say a spanked wife is a happy wife,” says author Von Leopold, “And while I can’t say if it’s totally true, the reaction to my wife spanking series seems to indicate people LOVE reading about it!”

We agree! The stories are crisp and to the point, and the spanking is hot and in a deliciously kinky variety of ways!

If you’re a fan of corporal punishment sex stories, then grab a copy today!

Wife Spanking – Spanked Wives Stories Volume One

When a naughty wife has to be disciplined out comes the strap – or paddle – or cane – or belt – for a good spanking!

Author Von Leopold has cooked up a great collection of erotic short stories about husbands who spank their wives – “Wife Spanking – Spanked Wives Stories Volume One” and it’s HOT! Already moving up the best selling lists at Amazon, this sizzling selection of spanked wives and disciplined dames is sure to delight the fan of spanking erotic literature.

Be on the watch for volume two out soon!


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