Spanked And Sodomized

When Officer Perkins invited some of his friends over for a little BBQ he was throwing on Saturday, he promised to serve some of his famous Tex Mex chili. When he told his wife to heat it up, she put it on the stove and started talking on the phone to one of her lazy girlfriends about some dumb show they’d seen and soon forgot about the chili bubbling away.

The result: scotched chili. Completely ruined!

His friends came and were disappointed. He’d never live it down!

After they left and she cleaned up, he ordered her into the bedroom and pulled down her pants. He made her lean over the bed and pulled out his huge Sam Browne leather belt from the closet.

Spanking His Wife With A Belt

“Oh no! Not that!” she said.

“I’ll teach you not to make a fool of me!” he roared and started flaying her ass with hot leather.

As he spanked his wife without mercy on the bare bottom, he kept thinking about the shit he was going to get from everybody in the ward room from the sergeant down about the “famous chili” they never got.

The more he thought about it, the more pissed and enraged he became.

The red welts started to erupt from her backside in stripes like a sunburned zebra! He tossed down the belt and pulled her across his lap for a little bare hand OTK action, shouting and cursing the whole time!


After a few minutes her whole backside was anointed in glowing crimson and it began to turn him on. He finally drove home the point with his nightstick up her asshole, just like they taught him at the Police Academy! She howled and cursed, swearing she’d get him back!

And did she?

Yep! Two months later she served him a steaming bowl of chili to show him she learned her lesson – only she had pissed in it!

That’ll teach the bastard!

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